There is no stage more important than the planning phase. It's during this crucial period that a project starts to take form, where the budget is solidified and you can start to see your vision unfolding in front of you.

The purpose of the initial consultation is to determine (a) The Client project program (b) To see if the project is roughly feasible within the client budget and the existing context and (c) Inform the client of alternative design options. Signature Designs-Architecture then develops a proposal describing fees and services based on the initial consultation.


During this phase of the project one to three optional plans are developed to determine customer preferences. The pros and cons of the various design features are discussed. A new or modified design may evolve as a result of the review. When the new plan and exterior elevations are client approved they are given to General Contractors for rough estimates to make sure that the project is within the construction budget. With the design completed and within budget, the design development phase is finished and the construction drawings are developed.


Once the design development drawings have been completed, and the client is satisfied with how things are progressing, Signature Designs-Architecture moves on to the next phase, the creation of construction documents. The construction drawings (referred to in the past as blueprints) are used to obtain accurate construction bids as well as the building permit.

Renderings/ 3D Renderings

Signature Designs-Architecture can provide both architectural renderings and 3D renderings. These services are in addition to the standard architectural design and construction drawing services.


Construction drawings are given to General Contractors/Subcontractors to provide a fee for materials and services. They submit their quotes to you. Signature Designs-Architecture will help you to decipher their bids and choose the right General Contractor for your project.


Construction administration is the periodic site visitation during construction to verify compliance with the construction documents. It is not site supervision, which is the directing of workmen to perform tasks. These services are typically not required for single family home projects. For commercial projects at substantial completion, we develop a punch list of items in order for the General Contractor to get paid and close out the contract.


Signature Designs-Architecture can provide representation before various local review boards and commissions. We present and provide the documents and information a client may need to obtain a special permit or variance due to nonconforming site or zoning conditions. Signature Designs-Architecture can help with a wetlands determination application.